Hello everyone! Just a note that the silence has been mostly from my developer abandoning their work and not being able to move forward with my current ideas without knowing all the efforts could survive. I’ve found something new and it will take me some time to get it configured. Please do not hesitate to…

Hello, Vineyard Adventurers! We wanted to let you know that the regional blogging series will be continuing, but life happens while you’re making other plans. An intense month of doing business in Italy and some personal life changes have us rearranging many things around here. Thanks for staying with us, we’ll be back with you…

“…lightly, softly, go yourself, to Tuscany…” – Guido Cavalcanti
It took me over a week to fall asleep without earplugs when I moved into my apartment in Sant’Angelo in Colle, a tiny hamlet close to Montalcino in Tuscany (Siena province) where I lived for nearly 3 months. My beautiful top floor (just a 3 floor walk up) apartment was directly across from the church whose bells would chime on the hour all night long.

This recipe is a twist on the classic recipe which is usually served cold with lemon and capers. I’ve made some changes to better accompany the rich flavors of our Brunnello di Montalcino, adding rich Marscapone to give it body and omitting the lemon.

Umbria possesses a wealth of cultural heritage as well as a natural beauty giving the region the nickname, “The Green Heart of Italy.” It is called this partly due to its physical location landlocked in the center of the boot, and partly due to its beautiful, rolling green hills fed by the lakes and rivers that sustain its verdure. From underground Roman cisterns to modern art museums and jazz, to the outdoors and everything in between, the culture in Umbria has something to offer literally anyone.

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